Paul & Tori Jensen, Client

“This is the second time Jan has helped my wife and me buy a home. Our buying experience on the first home was so good, we went looking for Jan to help us buy our second home. We purchased our second home through a builder and had problems. The first problem, and it was a major one, was with the VA. After four days of futility trying to deal with the VA, we contacted Jan. She took me to a very experienced lender not associated with the builder and I got my VA problem solved in 5 minutes! Thank you Jan! Problem number two: On closing day and moving day, with the movers on the way, we were standing in the street with no house key. It looked like a disaster. Jan took the initiative and tracked down the builder’s representives at their office Christmas party and got our keys. Thank you Jan! Would I have Jan Kelley represent me in purchasing another new home? Would I recommend Jan to one of my friends. Absolutely! Jan, thank you so much for your help. We will be forever grateful. “

— Paul & Tori Jensen, Client