Danny Little, Client

“Jan, not only be absolutely gorgeous and a pleasure to work with, found a house for us by taking a picture on her phone and texting it to me. The home turned out to be one of the best things in my life. Jan save me $8,000 dollars off the price of the house. Jan also held my hand through the emotional roller coaster of the multitude of feelings, “Are we getting the house?”, “Are we REALLY getting the house?”, etc. This was the absolute most emotional stressful purchase I have ever made and Jan was an absolute gem. I cannot say in words the respect and adoration I have for Jan. I still try to text her and tell her she is beautiful, wonderful, and thank her for the beautiful house she found for me. Thank you is not enough, Jan. I truly believe you are an angel in the housing market. With All Due Respect, Thank you so much.”

— Danny Little, Client