Claudia Almaraz, Client

“2012 was a memorable year for my husband and I. We were expecting our daughter and had made the decision to purchase our first home. Blind to the process, we sought answers and help from a few “Realtors” and mortgage lenders. Every single one we spoke to; discouraged us from the process. From, we are too young, don’t have sufficient credit history, or literally every possible reason not to. Discouraged, we put our plans on hold. Being that I truly wanted a home to call our own, I would browse home for sale close by. I saw one that was the perfect first home for us, excited I showed my husband and he agreed that it was a perfect fit. Hesitant to call any of the realtors we had spoken to, I called the agent listed outside the home. “Jan J Kelley, Keller Williams” the sign read. I called the number and from the first minute it was a drastic difference. She was polite, friendly and more than anything didn’t make me feel bad for asking silly questions. “

— Claudia Almaraz, Client